5 Favorite Healthy Restaurants

SweetlyCBUS is heading in a new direction for 2019. I am going to focus on bringing you unbiased top 5 lists, so you have access to the best (in my opinion) restaurants. It will help you find the best of the best when you’re in a pinch. With it being January, it only made sense to focus on healthy eating, this week being a list of more health-conscious restaurants. There are many more than five so if you have a favorite not listed, comment below so I can add it to future lists.

5. Veranico Kitchen + Provisions

Pressed Panini Sandwich – Chicken Salad

Regardless of what you eat at Veranico Kitchen + Provisions, I guarantee that you’ll never leave feeling sluggish or heavy. Everything is fresh, simple, honest meals that source local ingredients. They also offer signature bowls, and although you have the option to create your own, their already designed bowls are ingredient perfection. 401 N Front Street, Columbus OH 43215 (614)670-7423 VeranicoKitchen

4. CoreLife Eatery

Tuna Poke Grain Bowl

CoreLife Eatery prepares meals for you with fresh, whole foods while you watch. They strive for organic and GMO-free foods, so you think about feeding your body and fueling your soul. They have a hearty menu that includes various types of bowls from green, grain, and broths. The warm rice bowls are perfect for these chilly winter days. I’m also obsessed with their drink selection so don’t miss snagging one of their tasty handcrafted beverages. They have three locations in Central Columbus – Polaris Towne Center 8742 Sancus Blvd. Columbus OH 43240 (614) 827-3376; Lennox Town Center 1791 Olentangy River Road Columbus OH 43212 (614) 641-0800; Ohio State University 17 E Lane Ave Columbus OH 43201 (614) 824-5667 CoreLifeEatergy

3. Chop5 Salad Kitchen

Build Your Own Chop Salad

Stay happy and healthy with Chop5 Salad Kitchen and their fresh, consistent salads and crave-a-bowls. Produce is delivered six days a week and chopped right in front of the customers’ eyes. With a restaurant centered around salads, your creativity is endless. You have the ability to create a salad with over 40 fresh ingredients and toss everything together with a variety of house-made dressings. 2044 Polaris Parkway Columbus OH 43240 (614) 785-6785 Chop5 Salad Kitchen

2. Graze

Graze Lineup

Graze is a farm-to-table concept located inside The Ohio Statehouse. Menu offerings are simple and straightforward focusing on foods that are in-season and bursting with fresh, bright flavors. Being Ohio Proud, they source their core proteins, dairy, and eggs from a collaboration of sixty local farms. Graze will satisfy cravings for meat and non-meat eaters searching for a healthy bite to eat. Come for lunch with a friend and then enjoy walking around the statehouse. 1 Capitol Square The Ohio Statehouse Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 728-9231 Graze Columbus

1. Alchemy

Cherry Cheezecake Bowl

Alchemy is much more than your traditional juice bar. It’s developed as an innovative health food concept where everyone, no matter their dietary preferences, could sit at the same table and enjoy a thoughtfully-sourced and insanely tasty meal. They have a great variety of smoothies, juices, bowls, salads and more. Although seating is available, it also makes for a great grab and go workday lunch. Order a Cherry Cheezecake bowl (pictured here) created with acai, cherries, vanilla cashew cream, almond milk, topped with granola, almond butter, and crumbled cranberry pecan no-bake. Seriously, that cherry cheezecake has got me like #drool. 625 Parsons Ave. Columbus OH 43206 (614) 305-7551 AND 1439 Grandview Ave Columbus OH 43212 (614) 725-0255 Alchemy Juice

Have a favorite that I haven’t listed? Love one of the spots above and have a favorite dish? Leave a comment so I can add it to my ongoing list, I always love to hear from you.


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