5 Goldfish Swim School Favorites

Back in March we began swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School in Dublin, Ohio and each week Paxton attends a 30-minute lesson. Even with weekly lessons, Paxton has yet to move up from level one. And I’ve begun to ask myself why I’m continuing with lessons but what I’ve learned about Goldfish Swim Schools is that it is so much more than just leveling up. Here are 5 reasons we love Goldfish:

5. Family Swim

What a great way to spend time as a family bonding – a 90 degree heated pool? Yes, please! Being in the pool together forces a more intimate experience, we are paying attention to one another, not our phones. It gives Paxton the chance to show me everything he’s learned while I’m with him in the water, not just waving to him or giving him a thumbs up from behind the glass. We take our lessons at the Dublin, Ohio locations (this is the closest location to Grove City) and their family swim times are Monday-Thursday 1230-130p and Friday nights 630-8p in both Dublin and Westerville. Family swim is free for members and $5 pp with a max of $15 per family. If your curious about Goldfish and wonder if this would be a great fit for you and your family, family swim gives you the chance to try it out without committing.

4. 30 Minute Weekly Lessons

The individual attention in swim lessons is perfect for Paxton’s needs. Goldfish lessons are designed to make swimming fun through play ages 4 months to 12 years. He loves the games he gets to play, the warmth of the water, and that his teachers always know who he is. I love that they offer small classes with a 4 to 1 teacher to student ratio so I know he’s getting individualized attention. He loves the weekly goldfish prize, the quarter candy, his new swim friends and most of all the ribbons he receives when he accomplishes something new. And who can pass up swimming year round!

3. Water Safety

Goldfish Swim School truly makes water safety their number one priority. Although Paxton may not be able to master all the swim skills he needs at this time, he learns very practical skills each week that may save his life one day should he be in a situation where he needs to swim or float. Each lesson he learns life-saving tactics like how to tread water, switch to a back float and swim to the edge of the pool. These skills truly make the difference between life and death. Water safety experts remind us that it can take as little as 10 seconds for a child to slip underwater and with crowded pools, it easy to look away for a second and miss this. It’s even possible for lifeguards to miss this. It can take years for a child to become a truly confident and independent swimmer so these lessons teach invaluable life-saving water skills at an age when they are most at risk for drowning.

4. Birthday Parties

Each Goldfish party includes invitations, a two-hour party with the facility all to yourself, certified lifeguards, cupcakes and drinks plus a fully decorated table with table settings. The pool, the energy, the games, the cupcakes, and all the toys, how could you go wrong with very easy prep and little cleanup that come with Goldfish parties. Plus how perfect is an indoor swim party for a winter birthday! Enjoy an hour in the pool (the older kids can test to see if they are strong enough swimmers to forgo the life jacket). This allows for no concerns if you have inexperienced swimmers in your party; Goldfish provides everyone a life jacket if they need one and two lifeguards to monitor the children while they swim. Parents can also choose to swim with their children OR watch from the side.

5. Jump Start Clinics

Jump start clinics are offered throughout the summer and on holiday breaks as a way to get kids water-ready in a hurry. It’s 5 straight days of swim class at the same time every day giving you peace of mind before starting a vacation where you may spend a lot of time near or in the water. The repetitive of class every day also boosts swim skills. Not only is it great to jump start lessons or as a reminder course but if your child is struggling with moving up to the next level this may just assist with that.

Goldfish Swim School has provided me with the experience of lessons for my candid reviews. Do you have a child (or more) taking lessons at a Goldfish Swim School? Do you have a favorite part of Goldfish Swim School that I didn’t mention? Leave it in the comments so I can add it to my list.


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