5 McDonald’s Favorites and Event Recap

Hopefully, you were one of the lucky ones to attend the Breakfast for Dinner event Julie from What Should We Do Today Columbus, and I threw at McDonald’s. If not, you still have the chance to try the new but limited edition Donut Sticks. Seriously. Don’t delay, as this not-to-miss item is upgraded in the post below as a SweetlyCBUS secret menu item that is sure to convince you to head to your local McDonald’s. In addition to that secret menu item, I listed 4 of my other favorites (although there were many others I didn’t get to mention – looking at you the McGriddle, the Big Mac, McFlurry, and Baked Apple Pie).

5. Fruit + Maple Oatmeal

Fruit + Maple Oatmeal

The Fruit + Maple Oatmeal is my go-to for when I need to eat something healthy. Made with two full servings of whole-grain oats and loaded with apples, cranberries, and raisins, it’s a hearty breakfast that’s both protein packed and loaded with fiber, so it fills me up until lunch time. I also love that they give you the option to order it without the brown sugar but I live up to my name of SweetlyCBUS, so you’ll never see me turn down anything sugar!

4. McCafe Hot Chocolate

McCafe Hot Chocolate

For about as long as I can remember, I’ve been drinking the McDonald’s Iced Coffee, but about a year ago, I quit coffee cold turkey. It’s not often I miss it, but when I do, it’s a McCafe Hot Chocolate to the rescue. I love that I have the choice to have it made with either whole or non-fat milk. You also have the decision of a traditional hot chocolate or the caramel hot chocolate. I always choose the caramel when I’m feeling indulgent; caramel syrup and topped with whipped cream and a caramel drizzle that gets me through these long winter months.

3. Sausage Biscuit

My breakfast trifecta

Full disclosure, my very favorite hangover food is hands down the sausage biscuit. It’s a simple menu item as it’s a hot piece of sausage between a warm buttermilk biscuit that is topped with butter, but it’s baked to perfection and soaks up all the previous night’s alcohol. But if you need something a bit more, you can add egg or egg + cheese to make this an even better breakfast sandwich.

2. Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder + Fries

As of 2018, McDonald’s started serving their Quarter Pounders (and double Quarter Pounders) with 100% fresh beef from North American and cooked when ordered, so you get a hot, fresh, juicy burger. Never frozen, this burger comes straight out of the fridge and onto the grill. Topped with onions, pickles, and cheese and served on a toasted sesame seed bun. With absolutely no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, this burger is about as fresh as you can get! Pair it with McDonald’s world famous fries and your meal is complete. Seriously, I’m convinced that the best fries come from McDonald’s. I could hit up a drive thru for just fries and a large diet coke and be road trip ready!

1. Hot Fudge Sundae

Hot Fudge Sundae SweetlyCBUS style

Hot fudge sundaes are served all day, so head to McDonald’s in the morning while the Donut Sticks are being served and you can create a secret menu item. Take the new donut sticks which are fried and then tossed with cinnamon sugar and add them to this classic hot fudge sundae that is made with vanilla soft serve and smothered in hot fudge sauce, and you’ve created SweetlyCBUS perfection. Most people would take these donut sticks and dip them in a rich cup of McCafe coffee, but if you live the SweetlyCBUS life, you know that dipping them in ice cream is the way to go!

Julie and I also held an epic Breakfast for Dinner with Mike, the owner of the McDonald’s at 7190 Sawmill Road. Everyone enjoy lots of breakfast sandwiches like the Egg McMuffin and McGriddles. Plus apple juice boxes, coffee, and the honored guest – Donut Sticks. We also gave out over 20 prizes for local establishments, and everyone walked away with a coupon for a free cleaning at the Braces Bar, free family swim session at Goldfish Swim Schools AND a coupon for free donut sticks. Here are just a few pictures of all the fun we had.

Media Swag Bags
Photo Booth Prop
Amazing Giveaway Prizes

Shout-out to our amazing giveaway sponsors:

The most amazing owner + McDonald’s staff
McCafe + Juice Boxes
Egg McMuffins
Breakfast for Dinner Spread
The delicious sausage McGriddle
The Star of the Show: Donut Sticks + McCafe
The love is real

Thank you so much to everyone that came out to support us. Julie and I could not have done it without the tribe behind us that helped make this event such a success.

7190 Sawmill Road
Columbus, OH 43235
(614) 761-1606

Have a favorite McDonald’s item that I didn’t mention? Have you created a secret menu item that needs to be shared with the world? Leave it in the comments so I can add it to my list..


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