Best Eats of Grove City: 3 Brother’s Diner

I’m sure this will come as no surprise, but 3 Brother’s Diner was opened by 3 brothers. But it’s so much more than the brothers that run my favorite restaurant in Grove City. It’s a whole family affair with many nieces and nephews working there too. Prior to opening this restaurant, the head chef was the chef at Starliner Diner in Hilliard for almost 20 years!!!

3 Brother's Diner

Although their experience stems from an even younger age – growing up they learned cooking from being in the kitchen with their mom and the restaurants style is a true mix of their home cooking with their own personal restaurant experience.

Menu Cover

The menu which is comprised of dishes from Mexico, Cuba and America is made up of many unique dishes, all of which are made from scratch including marinating their meat, making all the dressing and baking all the bread.


The food here is delicious beyond imagination. And the kids meals are HUGE. Seriously, the spaghetti is a massive portion that could easily feed 3 four year olds or one hungry 12 year old that typically eats off the adult menu. You’ll easily take home leftovers (which makes for great late night eats)!

Kids Menu

3 Brother’s Omelet: Bacon, ham, plantains and jack cheese topped with chili sauce and sour cream. You also have the option to have breakfast potatoes or black beans. I’d typically lean towards the potatoes but OMG their black beans are out-of-this-world.

3 Brother's Omelet

3 Brother’s Scramble: Peppers, onions, corn, zucchini, tortilla chips (did you catch that – tortilla chips mixed into this scramble) and scrambled eggs are tossed with chili sauce and the topped with jack cheese and queso fresco.  Pro-tip: add the chorizo for even more heartiness.

3 Brother's Scramble

Farmers Omelet: bacon, potatoes, jack cheese and green onion that is garnished with sour cream.

Farmers Omelet

3 Brother’s French Toast: House made bread that is cubed, fried and topped with powdered sugar and fruit.

3 Brother's French Toast

Plantains: Order as a side or an appetizer and it’s served with house made salsa dressing. Pro-tip: these are a MUST order!


Cuban Sandwich: Marinated in house sliced pork, ham, swiss cheese, mustard and pickles between a home made hoagie roll and served with plantains. Pro-tip: order extra plantains so you have some to take home and reheat later. Can you tell I’m a fan of the plantains?

Cuban Sandwich

Creole Macaroni: Chicken, Cajun sausage, onions, peppers, tomatoes and corned tossed with a Cajun cream sauce and served with home made bread and a small salad. Pro-tip: Order without the meat and it makes for a perfect vegetarian meal. They also have many other Vegan and Vegetarian options.

Creole Macaroni

Flan: Not on the menu but I highly suggest you ask what special desserts they have in house like this house made flan that was literally perfection.


3 brother’s diner is hands down my favorite restaurant in Grove City. The food is excellent, the service is top-notch and it’s a nice casual joint that you can take the kids to. Plus they have all day breakfast (the menu says otherwise, but trust me – they do)! They are currently working on obtaining their liquor license and if all goes well they will have that along with a bar room that has TV’s to watch the Buckeye’s come football season.


3 Brother’s Diner
3090 Southwest Blvd
Grove City OH 43123


Hours: 9a-3p Sunday and Monday
9a-9p Tuesday – Saturday




  1. 05.16.18 / 4:51 pm

    OK that french toast looks amazing! I might have to make a stop the next time I’m in Grove City. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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