Butler County Adventure – Part 2

Our Butler County Adventure was quite a busy one. We didn’t have a moment to sit down which for us is awesome. We are the type of people that love to keep busy and hate to be sitting around.

Next stop on our adventure was the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park. As the sign below says, it’s the only museum in the world where you can drive an art cart (aka golf cart) to see all the exhibits. You can only imagine the joy this brought to my husbands face. Drive a golf cart around and torture your wife flying down the huge hills – he’s all in! The park is over 300 acres and has more than 60 huge sculptures in a picturesque landscape setting. You could walk the park, as their is some gorgeous scenery to take in but you really wouldn’t want to (plus the cart is half the fun). It’s super hilly so if you do walk it, expect a hike. Open 365 days a year, they often hold events, have summer programs for kids and the very popular holiday light display.

Next up was something a bit more adventurous for me, some kayaking at Jimco’s Riverside Pizza & Kayaking. I’ve been kayaking before but it has been a long time (and honestly, I don’t know if it was kayaking or canoeing since I don’t know the difference between the two) and this was the first time I was going it alone. We each had our own kayak (aka disaster ensues). There is a great bike path right by Jimco’s so in addition to kayaking, he also offers bike rentals. I didn’t want to chance taking my phone so no pictures of our true adventure but just let me say that it was dicey. The water was crazy high and we barely made it out alive. And everyone knows, I’m not one to exaggerate (wink, wink).

We worked up a serious appetite during our adventure so next up was some pizza and a few beers. In addition to pizza, Jimco’s also has hoagies and appetizers for you to munch on pre OR post kayaking/biking. Although the pizza was so good, you could hit him up for some of that alone!

Since in my world, dessert comes after every meal (yes, even breakfast), next stop was Karma in the Kitchen. Primarily a huge online business but now has a hidden storefront (and I say hidden because it’s literally hidden behind the back of the building so if you’re headed to grab some sweets make sure to drive around back to find her). Open only on Friday’s and Saturday’s 11a-4p.

Because what’s vacation without a little midnight snack in your bed!

Our last dinner in Butler County was at an amazing spot, Dai Trang Bistro. I’m a huge huge fan of Asian cuisine and Dai Trang is a Filipino spot so it was one close to my heart. In addition to Filipino cuisine, they also offer Vietnamese dishes and a monstrous milk tea selection. The menu is truly massive and their food is seriously on point. I know it can be a little daunting to go to a restaurant where you don’t know the cuisine and don’t know what to order but that’s completely OK here. They are super helpful and can really guide you to some of the best dishes on the menu.

My first bubble tea experience and I’m in LOVE! Seriously, I came right home to Columbus to search out all the spots to drink bubble tea.

This Ube waffle was like dessert but it was part of the first course. Ice cream waffles for an appetizer – yes please!

The dessert menu was pretty much a dream come true for me. Everything from Banana Nutella Rolls to Ube Ice Cream Sandwiches but we decided to go with something completely different. The Halo Halo. It’s a famous Filipino dessert that is made with sweet red bean, tapioca, bananas, palm fruit leche flan, ube ice cream and shaved ice. I think it’s called Halo Halo because it’s from the heavens (I know – it’s pronounced hallow but lets pretend for my cute play on words).

Before skipping town the next morning, we had to eat one last meal and we picked one that was just around the block from our hotel so we could walk over. But if you can’t walk, there is free 2 hour street parking and a parking garage that has the first 2 hours free too (free parking = score)! We both chose a traditional breakfast but of course, I need my sweets (see above comment about dessert even after or with breakfast) so I couldn’t resist adding a chocolate chip pancake (I’m sure you guys are shocked!!!).


We had a fantastic kid-free weekend in Butler County. There is so much to do and see (and eat – hello donut trail) that we could easily come back and spend another fun weekend away. We did love so much of what we did this weekend that we plan on taking our kids back so they can experience some of our favorites (again, hello donut trail). Although this post was sponsored by Butler County, this in no way affects my review of each location. I’m always very upfront and honest about my experience and if you think otherwise, we probably haven’t met. Check out all the business details here:

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park
1763 Hamilton Cleves Rd
Hamilton, OH 45013

Jimco’s Riverside Pizza & Kayaking
2401 Carmondy Blvd
Middletown, OH 45042

Karma in the Kitchen
8779B Cincinnati Dayton Road
Olde West Chester, OH 45069

Dai Trang Bistro
4970 Union Center Pavillion Dr
West Chester Township, OH 45069

High Street Cafe
250 High Street
Hamilton, OH 45011









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