Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder at McDonald’s

The other day I was sitting around with my teenager telling him about the time McDonald’s gave out records and if your record had the winning song you won a huge prize. 30+ years later, I can still sing that song. Does anyone else remember that or am I completely aging myself over here?

I was invited by McDonald’s to visit the Easton location and check out the new Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder. Each Quarter Pounder is made with 100% fresh beef from North America and cooked right to order.


As I’ve reminded you a few times, although I consider myself a food blogger, I’m a restaurant food/finds food blogger. Entirely different than those food bloggers that create recipes and post delicious meals; I blog all about eating out. And although 99% of the time I eat local, I’m also the mom of three very busy kids, and we sometimes have to grab and go (or have one of those drunken nights where you HAVE to have a quarter pounder and hot fudge sundae). We are also big fans of McDonald’s breakfast, and I will quickly stop through the drive-thru for an iced coffee. This blog is a judgment-free zone so please, feel free to profess your love for McDonald’s and keep the hate to yoself!

Order Screen

I’m excited to share about my experience with the brand new Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder. Crazy to think but McDonald’s sells more than 75 hamburgers every minute, and they feed 68 million people per day. Americans alone consume one billion pounds of beef at McDonald’s in a year. McDonald’s buys about 2 percent of meat produced globally every year making it one of the world’s biggest purchasers.

Mom and Eli

McDonald’s opened up its very first location in 1940. McDonald’s hires around 1 million workers in the USA every year, and one in every eight American workers has been employed by McDonald’s at some point in their life. Some famous previous employees include Jay Leno, Sharon Stone, Rachel McAdams and Pink. I never worked at McDonald’s but curious if any of my readers have?

Fresh Beef

Crazy to think that back in 1992 (which to me doesn’t seem that long ago but was 26 years ago) there were 12,700 McDonald’s worldwide. Today there are almost 37k worldwide. The busiest McDonald’s is in Pushkin Square in Moscow. During this visit, we were brought back to the kitchen to see just exactly how McDonald’s cooks and prepares the new Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder. It’s made fresh to order.

The Grill

It was neat to watch everything made to order but what a super busy job by the employees. Preparing and cooking this burger is done with the utmost care and attention. There is so much goes into making sure these burgers stay fresh; they are stored in their specific area, covered, away from everything else. When ordered, they are removed from their storage and placed right onto the grill. This very involved task is done in a matter of seconds. Talk about stepping up the burger game!

Fresh off the grill

After watching all the magic in the kitchen, we headed out to the dining room to place our orders. The Easton McDonald’s is one of the nicest with updated interior and superior customer service. Tables throughout the restaurant have touchscreen monitors loaded with games for kids (and adults). Cannot wait to try this new Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder which is the largest rollout since all day breakfast. McDonald’s is working hard to hear the customer and what they are saying. They are on a journey to build a better McDonald’s and plan to have fresh cracked sustainable cage-free eggs in all their stores by 2025.


Serving 28 million people per day and you still get to order it your way – extra pickles for me, please!

Extra Pickles

McDonald’s has a program called Archways to Opportunity. It allows employees to learn English as a second language, earn their high school diploma, receive tuition assistance and get help making an education plan with advisors. Since the launch of this program in 2015, they have had more than 24,000 restaurant employees in the US enrolled in the program. They’ve awarded more than $21 million in high school and college tuition assistance.

Burgers Galore

Now we wait… but not for long! After using the self-serve kiosks, you sit down at your table, and the staff brings your meal to you.

Let's Eat

Look at that hot off the grill, fresh beef Quarter Pounder. I’m drooling just looking at it.

Adventures are always more fun with friends so it was a treat that Ashley from Just Bein’ Mommy and I got to take the McDonald’s adventure together.

Ashley and NikkiMore than 80% of all McDonald’s restaurants are franchised and owned by guys like Jim. This guy owns most of the McDonald’s in Columbus and was the kindest, sweetest gentleman. If you’re ever in any of his locations and spot him, say hi because he loves to meet his customers.

Jim the Owner

4131 Morse Crossing
Columbus, Ohio 43219



*Post was sponsored by McDonald’s to learn all about their new Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder. As always, these are my opinions.


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