Making Kolache at Kolache Republic

I was invited to spend the afternoon at Kolache Republic and even after all that time, I still don’t know how to pronounce it. But, while writing this blog post and reviewing all my notes, I found that I wrote down the pronunciation so I’ll save you the embarrassment; it’s pronounced kuh-lah-chee. Not that it matters how you pronounce it as long as you know it’s pronounced as SO SO YUMMY!!!

Kolache Republic

Kolache Republic is located inside a small but warm and welcoming shop in the heart of German Village. We were treated to a plethora of amazing kolache including the chance to make our own kolach featured below.

Anatomy of Kolache

Kolach is a Czech and Slovak pastry made of slightly sweet dough filled with either a dollop of fruit, or sweet cheese filling. We started with some of the fruit and cheese varieties.

Sweet Cheese Kolache

Some of the sweet options Kolache Republic offers includes: sweet cheese, blueberry sweet cheese, chocolate, apple pie, lime jalapeno sweet cheese, chocolate peanut butter fudge and maple bourbon pecan. The also often rotate through other seasonal and nut flavors.

Sweet Fruit Kolache

Kielbasa pictured here is the finished product of the kolach we were able to create.

Kielbasa Kolache

Simple ingredients using Falter’s kielbasa, cheese and you have the option to have it with or without jalapeno that creates a tasty masterpiece.


I take my spice on the lighter side and I wanted to surprise my husband with the chance to try a kolach so I created a K out of jalapenos as a way or marking my kolach.

Jalapeno K

Kolache Republic was founded by three friends Rick, Dusty and Doug. Rick grew up eating these tasty treats, while Dusty and Doug had both experienced kolache while visiting Texas. One night over drinks, the had the desire to introduce Columbus to kolache so they worked with Rick’s sister-in-law, whose family owned a kolache shop in Texas, and began making kolache. Since inception they have since created over 25 different flavors.

Love Kolache





Saturdays are special because they offer the insanely delicious cinnamon roll kolach and the bacon, egg & cheese kolach. These are NOT TO MISS!!!

Cinnamon Roll Kolache

I’m drooling – you guys, these taste even better than they look and they look amazing.


In addition to the sweet kolache offerings, there are both breakfast and lunch options available which also include vegetarian options likes this Mac & Cheese kolach below.

Mac and Cheese

Kolache Republic has a daily special and today’s included this spaghetti and meatball kolach. Follow along on their Facebook page to keep track of their daily specials.


Savory kolache were created by Czech immigrants in Texas and they would stuff the sweet kolach dough with meat as show below in this breakfast sausage, egg & cheese kolach.


Other breakfast kolache include: hash brown, egg & cheese (another great vegetarian option) and chorizo, jalapeno, egg & cheese.


I had such a wonderful experience made even better by hanging out with Lindsey from acityexplored.

Nikki and Lindsey

Kolache Republic was founded 8 years ago and originally was selling kolache at the local farmer’s markets. In 2013, they opened the German Village shop and will be celebrating 5 years this June. The kolache created by Kolache Republic always use the freshest ingredients and with no preservatives and try to source locally whenever possible.

Kolache Republic
730 S High Street
Columbus, OH 43206

Hours: M-F 7a to 2p; S 8a-2p; Closed Sunday


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